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Whilst personalised work clothing is not necessarily something every business needs, it is one of the best solutions if you are looking for a new way to stand out in the market and differentiate yourself from the rest of your competitions. This can make a huge difference and can set your brand apart from the crowd. Apart from instilling discipline, trust and devotion to the institution or entity it belongs, here are a few advantages of opting to have custom work uniforms for your business:

Excellent first impression

First impression always matter. This is even more important for companies seeking to build their brand as it could determine most of the relationships they will have with their potential clients. Apart from the professional service your employees should provide, a well thought of and quality personalised work clothing can supply your prospective customers with a reliable and responsible image that is sure to help you pave your company’s name to the industry you specialise in.


Professional custom workwear including shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces and jackets help boost your employees’ visibility for your customers’ or clients’ benefits. Having your company logo clearly embroidered on your employees’ garments makes it easier for potential customers to pick them out among the crowd which is essential if they have queries or seeking assistance before purchasing the products or services you offer.

Brand promotion

Having your company logo clearly displayed on your employees’ work wear is the best form of free advertising for your brand promotion. Prospective clients can easily see your details wherever employees are out and about and your company name will register in people’s minds even when without them realising it right away.

Easy to contact

Because your company workwear is a great tool for advertising your brand for free, why not consider including your company phone number on embroidery as well? The people who will see this small, yet smart detail can just take a note of it on their mobiles whilst on the go and save it for future reference. This can help you keep potential customers by making it easier for them to contact you whilst eliminating the need for them to remember your web address to find you online.

Here, at NC Workwear, we take pride in our experienced team of professionals who continue to provide solutions to the specific needs and challenges of our every customer. We ensure to advise, help and explain every step of the buying process to all our clients and every member of our team is friendly whilst staying on a professional level to be able to provide quality customer care. Interested? Browse through our catalogue to see the products we offer or give us a call on 0141 552 0567/0131 516 7388 if you have any questions.