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There is a psychological explanation why wearing uniforms in the workplace can bring a positive impact for both employees and the brands they work for. Here are a number of notable examples.

A proven visual tool to establish company branding

Creativity and consistency are key in executing a compelling branding image for your business that people will find effortless to recognise. These qualities should be seen not only on your products, stationery, website and collateral but on your company’s work uniform as well.

Believe it or not, customers view it as a strong marketing and advertising tool when it comes to promoting a company’s brand identity, especially for businesses in the hospitality industry. This is what Ashwini K. Poojary from the Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University in Boston discovered when the results of his survey revealed that:

  • 73.5% of respondents found that uniforms are better than TV advertising
  • 75.7% of respondents stated that uniforms are more efficient than billboard advertising
  • 56.1% of respondents said that uniforms are more powerful than Internet advertising

Encourage unity and teamwork

Dressing in work uniforms bearing similar colours and the company’s brand logo can help foster and cultivate healthy professional relationships among employees and the employer. It cultivates a sense of belongingness to one group or family and therefore promotes working together as a team.

Promotes brand values and makes employees more mindful of their actions

Employees wearing your uniforms or following the dress code implemented by the company serve as brand ambassadors. Customers get a picture of the kind of service they will get when they see your uniformed employees. Inadvertently, most employees were found to be more conscious of their language and manners when in their company uniforms.

Gives staff confidence to effectively carry on their role

According to the paper Dressed to Impress by Ivor Sheehan published in 2003, if an employee is embarrassed to be seen in his uniform, the chances are very high that he is not going to make an effort to be seen by the public, nor to be expected to go out of his way to assist a guest.

This is why when designing the staff uniform for your company, it is crucial to make an extra effort for your employees to like the uniform and be comfortable wearing it. They should feel confident, at ease and proud of the connection they have with the company when they wear the uniform.

Reap the benefits of a well-designed uniform for your company.

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