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With the competitive corporate environment we have today, brands have been struggling to stand out amongst the crowd. Companies are relying and investing in different marketing tools to increase their visibility. From traditional media such as newspapers, television and radio to digital tools like smartphones and the internet, every medium is involved in the promotion of goods and services. However, some companies seem to underutilise this simple and equally effective marketing tool. What is it? Company work wear.

Why should company uniforms be part of your marketing strategy?

To create brand awareness, you have to be consistent in your marketing plan. One way to do it is by taking care of the image of your employees who are at the forefront of your business. Since your employees embody your company, their uniforms also act as an extension of your brand. Take for example, a flight attendant. If you see a flight attendant wearing a neat and presentable uniform, you will perceive that the company sets a high standard when it comes to providing their service. In this case, you would feel a sense of attachment to the airline, thus positively influencing brand loyalty. This makes uniforms a positive marketing tool as it helps employees stand out whilst reinforcing the brand’s name and culture.

How to utilise uniforms as marketing tools?

For in-house employees

By wearing company uniform, your employees present professionalism that will impress your clients. In addition, your customers will find it easy to approach your staff as they can be easily identified through their workwear. Customer experience is a guaranteed way of gaining trust, which makes it an effective marketing tool.

For travelling employees

If your company has workers that are being dispatched to different locations, uniforms can massively contribute to your company’s brand awareness. With your brand name and logo on your employees’ uniform, you can advertise your company for free. This subliminal method of marketing is an easy way to help gain more customers.

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